New Construction


New Construction

Building a new home is one of the most exciting things you may ever do, it can also be one of the most stressful. A New Construction inspection from Full Service Home Inspection can eliminate much of the stress. We can be your eyes and ears at the construction site, ensuring that only quality materials and skilled craftsmanship are used to construct your dream home.

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New Construction or Phased Construction Inspection

New construction inspections are also known as Phased Construction Inspections. Because the building process is an ongoing series of steps the inspections can take place at specific points during construction.  These points or phases are major benchmarks in the building process. You will receive a written and illustrated report for each inspection phase. The standard Phased Construction Inspection consists of three inspections; Pre-Foundation, Pre-Drywall, and the Final Walk Through. Every house, every home builder, and every client is unique. We would be happy to discuss your needs and design the prefect New Construction Inspection for you and your family.


The pre-foundation inspection is done prior to the placement of the cement. This allows assessment of the vapor barrier, reinforcement placement, and underground utility slab penetrations. These items are critically important and this is the only time that these items can be inspected. We often make a second visit after the cement has been placed and the forms have been removed.


The pre-drywall phase is a critical step in the construction of your home. At this inspection the framing, rough electrical, rough plumbing, and rough mechanical are the focus. Like the pre-foundation inspection this is the only time that much of the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical system can be fully evaluated.

Final Walk Through

The final walk through is the last of the construction inspections. It includes a complete inspection of the homes interior and exterior focusing on the finish details. We will help you add these details and any other needed information to your repair and touch-up punch list that you will give to your builder.